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The Karnischer Hof's surrounding area in winter


Over 100 km of ski piste, 30 cutting-edge ski-cars and skilifts, free bus shuttle from hotel.

Miniclub childcare under the supervision of Bobo the Mascot, with or without ski lessons. 300 km of cross-country ski piste, 6,5 km² frozen area on the Weissensee Lake, ice skating; ice hockey, snowboarding, snowcycling, snowtubing, snowwalking, skiing tracks, night skiing on well lit piste and plenty of post skiing relaxation...


Carinthia's Ski Area caters for different sports and leisure activities. This is the reason why it is considered a paradise for all the family. While parents brush up their skiing skills, children are well looked after by Bobo, the mascot of the ski and snowboard school in the Nassfeld and Weissensee Lake ski area.


But a holiday in Carinthia's ski area is more than skiing! On the Lake Weissensee, the largest frozen area in Europe, everyone from the family has enough room to improve their ice skating skills.

According to the weather conditions, the length of the ice skating tracks may vary from 10 to 25 km. You can also ice skate on circular tracks, play curling or ice hockey on the Lake Pressegger See, the second largest lake in the region.